Friday, May 07, 2010

Morrelli & Melvin Helps Shape 34th America's Cup

[Source: Morrelli & Melvin] Morrelli & Melvin is one of two Southern California yacht design teams tapped to help re-energize the America's Cup.

Starting off on the right foot, the Defender and the Challengers are cooperating in discussion, debate, consultation and collaboration. At a press conference in Rome on May 6th it was announced that shaping the design rule for the next generation of America's Cup boats is a key ingredient to building more excitement in the upcoming America's Cup.

With the goal of the AC34 design rule being released by September 31, 2010, Pete Melvin and the Morrelli & Melvin team have been developing design concepts for an America's Cup multihull rule and Bruce Nelson of Nelson/Merek Yacht Design in San Diego has been developing parameters for a monohull design rule

"We have had the pleasure of contributing to the development of the multihulls that won the 1988 and this year's America's Cup. We enjoyed working with BMW ORACLE's design team and it was thrilling to be in Valencia for the 33rd America's Cup and witness the power and the speed of a match between a catamaran and a trimaran. We are ecstatic that multihulls are being considered for the next America's Cup and look forward to taking a leadership role in the collaborative process by presenting our initial concepts at the Designers Conference to be held on May 18th in Valencia," commented Morrelli & Melvin co-founder, Pete Melvin.

Morrelli & Melvin embraces the challenge of developing a rule that meets the following requirements:

· It should produce dynamic and close racing
· It should use advanced, efficient and cost-effective technologies
· It should be distinctive and epitomize the pinnacle of the sport
· It should be able to race in any venue in winds from 5-35 knots.

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At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good job. That's a very good 1st step. Exactly as Alinghi did a couple of years ago:

«the Defender and the Challengers are cooperating in discussion, debate, consultation and collaboration»

At 11:41 AM, Blogger Ripclaw said...

31 September 2010?! Do you mean 30 September 2010 or 31 October 2010?

At 6:06 PM, Blogger Norby said...

stop the whinning.


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