Friday, June 27, 2008

Qingdao's golf course

You have to see it to believe it or as the Chinese say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Natalia Vía-Dufresne and Laia Tutzó, the Spanish Olympic Women 470 duo, is currently in Qingdao in order to start their intensive training preparation for the upcoming Olympic Games, to be held in the Chinese coastal city in less than 2 months from now.

The two Spanish sailors wanted to start the training today (Friday) but had to face an unexpected and very tough situation. A thick carpet of algae covered tens of square kilometers of the bay, making it virtually impossible for their small yachts to navigate. According to the UK newspaper Telegraph, this is "the worst algae blight in living memory".

Natalia, jokingly, stated that "it wasn't a sailing race course, it was a golf course. It's not funny at all constantly trying to keep the algae off your rudder".

The photo tells the story, as the two Spanish women try to break through the algae on a windless day. At least they are laughing.

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