Tuesday, December 02, 2008

l’Hydroptère’s new record ratified by the WSSRC, 46.88 knots over 500 meters

[Source: l’Hydroptère] l’Hydroptère has bettered her own record and has become the fastest sailing boat on the planet over 500 meters and one nautical mile.

The WSSRC, the British decision-making organization concerning records, ratified yesterday l’Hydroptère’s latest performance.

On 13th November, while training on the speed base at Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône, Alain Thébaut and his crew took advantage of the favourable weather conditions to beat their time and establish a new record over 500 meters.

With this new record officially recognized, l’Hydroptère dethrones the Australian speed prototype, the Yellow Pages, and her record of an average of 46.52 knots, thus becoming the fastest sailing boat on the planet.

l'Hyrdroptère reaches spike of 52.86 knots. 4 October 2008. Video copyright l'Hyrdroptère

After a progressive start in the realm of flight, the sailing sessions this autumn have made it possible to reach a decisive stage:

The first sailing boat to cross the “wind barrier”, i.e. the sailing speed of 50 knots, l’Hydroptère also betters her speed record over one nautical mile with an average of 43.09 knots over this distance.

Desiring to advance progressively through the stages leading to the absolute speed record, Alain Thébault and his crew are now drawing closer to the impressive figure of 100 km per hour (54 knots), with a top speed of 53.69 knots.

Today l’Hydroptère is stabilizing extremely high speeds: twice those imagined by Alain and his partner, Eric Tabarly, at the start of their common dream. The measurements recorded during the latest trials have shown averages of over 52 knots over 100 meters.

l’Hydroptère’s performance demonstrates not only her reliability, but also her potential to soon surpass 100 km per hour and obtain the absolute sailing speed record this winter. A new trial period of 28 days has been granted by the WSSRC. Alain Thébault and his crew now have until 22nd December to establish new records in 2008, a time frame that will be extended, if necessary, to 2009.

l'Hydroptère is officially the fastest sailing boat on the planet. Photo copyright Gilles Martin-Raget



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