Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The new SIEMENS, winner of the Rolex TP52 Global Championship, is already in Spain

SIEMENS, the new TP52 boat, arrived early Tuesday morning in the harbor of Palma de Mallorca from Miami. The boat, acquired by the Spanish Pedro Perelló in order to participate in this year's edition of the Breitling MedCup in addition to various other regattas, is the former Patches from Ireland that won the Rolex TP52 Global Championship last month in Miami.

After winning the Rolex TP52 Global Championship, the new SIEMENS was loaded aboard a cargo ship together with Tau-Andalucía (ex-Atalanti) and Stay Calm. Upon arriving, the boat that runs under the colors of the Palma Royal Yacht Club is being fitted and in the following days will be sailed to Malaga, where she will participate in the fifth edition of the Regata Ciudad de Málaga-Costa del Sol, together with other boats that will run in this year's Breitling MedCup.

SIEMENS has always supported the TP52 class. Already in the 2005 season, it participated in three regattas with other boats of the same class, that is the Regata Breitling-Illes Balears, the Copa del Rey and the Regata Ulysse Nardin. It had acquired Sjambock, the american boat that was skippered by world champion Jim Allsop.

For the 2006 season SIEMENS and Pedro Perelló will rely on a top of the line boat and crew which will be practically the one that took Patches to world championship, with most important the British Olympic medalists Ian WalkerAfterguard of +39 Challenge

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and Iain PercyHelmsman of +39 Challenge

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. Walker, double Olympic medalist in the 470 and Star classes in Atlanta and Sydney respectively, was the skipper of GBR Challenge, the British team in the 31st America's Cup, and is currently the tactician of +39 Challenge, the Italian America's Cup challenger, a position he will also hold aboard SIEMENS. Percy, Olympic champion in the Finn class is the skipper of +39 Challenger, while he will be on the helm of SIEMENS during most of the 2006 Breitling MedCup.


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