Friday, April 27, 2007

T-Systems Minute 27-04-2007

In today's "T-Systems Minute" Mark Sadler, skipper of Team Shosholoza, describes the team's dramatic victory over the French team Areva Challenge.

Shosholoza started the race half a second behind the French but managed to close in on them, force them to incur a penalty and pass them. A torn spinnaker aboard RSA-83 turnde the situation around once again and the French got to lead the race. While reaching the finish line, Areva Challenge decided to offload their penalty at the pin end but rounded the buoy, wanting to carry it out as fast as possible, feeling Shosholoza breath on their neck. In their effort, they rounded the buoy too close and according to the umpires, their mast did not entirely cross the line and penalized them again. The South African team was victorious.

Video shot and produced by Pierre Orphanidis / Valencia Sailing

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