Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ian Williams, world's top match racer, eliminated from quarterfinals of Match Race Germany

[Source: World Match Racing Tour] Langenargen Germany famous for beautiful scenery on the cross borders of Southern Germany, Austria, and Switzerland is the most picturesque little town dominated by its own castle. This morning saw the most beautiful breeze and racing got under way as scheduled. The hotshots were ready and Mathieu Richard of Saba Sailing team went on to beat his fellow country man America's Cup skipper Sébastien Col of Areva Challenge. Both won 4 races in Group A1's Round Robin but Richard won the tiebreaker to take the lead. Local favourite Marcus Weiser took the win from Shosholoza's Paolo Cian to lead Group A2.

It was a surprising early departure for the current World Tour leader and World Ranked #1 Ian Williams. “It was not the conditions that dictated us leaving so early in the game we were simply not on our usual winning form” said Williams. Williams is always very strong in the starting box but with the conditions being so light, this was less of an advantage. Joining Ian Williams in elimination were Bjorn Hansen, Carsten Kemmling and Wearn Haw Tan of China Team.

Eight crews (the top four from Group A1 & A2) qualified for the quarterfinals. The Quarterfinal Round, a seven-flight round robin, featured crews led by skippers Mathieu Richard, Sébastien Col, Evgeniy Neugodnikov and Eric Monnin from Group A1. Markus Wieser, Paolo Cian, Staffan Lindberg and Michael Hestbaek qualified from Group A2.

Quarter Final Standings (After 1/7 Flights)
Mathieu RichardFRASaba Sailing10
Markus WieserGER10
Eugeniy NeugodnikovRUSLord of the Sail10
Michael HestbaekDEN10
Sébastien ColFRAAreva Challenge01
Eric MonninSUI01
Paulo CianITATeam Shosholoza01
Staffan LindbergFINAlandia Sailing01

Conditions finally improved in the third day of Match Race Germany. Langenargen, 26 May 2007. Photo copyright Rosaly Magg / Match Race Germany



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