Monday, May 07, 2007

Louis Vuitton Cup - Round Robin 2 - Day 9: Preview

Good morning from sunny and warm Valencia where summer is getting closer and the sea breeze is starting to improve even if it isn't always on time and can be shifty at the beginning. Another important factor in the development of the sea breeze, land temperature, is also gradually improving. The higher the land temperature is, the better and more reliable the sea breeze will be. Yesterday night, Valencia's minimum temperature was the highest in Spain, not dropping below 14 degrees, and as Chirs Bedford, BMW Oracle meteorologist, noted, if land doesn't cool off too much at night then it will be much easier to heat up during the day.

After yesterday's technical problems we are back in action today, watching the races from the south course, where three extremely important matches will decide the four top spots. BMW Oracle are currently holding the top position, but Emirates Team NZ and Luna Rossa are just one and two points behind, respectively. If Mascalzone Latino can turn their race against the Americans into an upset and the kiwis beat Luna Rossa, a new leader will be sailing off Valencia's coast this afternoon.

Still, THE game of the day, and probably of the Louis Vuitton Cup, is the race between Desafío Español and Victory Challenge. Of course, it is a must-win race for both but its implications are slightly different for each team. If the Spanish win they buy the ticket to the semifinals, while if the Swedes are triumphant they only make a reservation. Desafío Español will still be three points ahead of them and will have to lose both races on Tuesday and Wednesday and, of course, Victory will have to win them.

It's going to be a very exciting day off Valencia's coast.

Louis Vuitton Leaderboard after Round Robin 2 - Flight 8
Weather forecast
According to the 32nd America's Cup organizers, weather is expected to be more favorable than yesterday. A slight change in gradient breeze direction will improve the development of sea breeze. The day should be warm and dry with temperature reaching 22 degrees. Wind will start as light north easterly gradient 5 knots, then veering through east to south east as sea breeze develops to 10-14 knots. There is very little, if any, cumulus cloud expected.

Racing Schedule Flight 9
+39 Challenge - Shosholoza: The South Africans are on a roll. Even if mathematically eliminated from the Louis Vuitton Cup semifinals they will fight to steal the sixth spot from Mascalzone Capitalia.
China Team - Areva Challenge: Although they won't serve much, they are going to be two easy points for the French.
Mascalzone Capitalia - BMW Oracle: If BMW Oracle win (and they should) this match, they will further consolidate their leadership.
Victory Challenge - Desafío Español: THE game of the day and the ticket for the fourth place. If the Spanish win, they buy the spot. If the Swedes win, they make a reservation.
Luna Rossa - Emirates Team NZ: Equally important to the previous match, this clash of giants could change the top three spots.



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