Friday, May 18, 2007

Louis Vuitton Cup - Semifinals - Day 4: Preview

Good morning from sunny and warm Valencia. We are steadily getting into the good, stable Valencia conditions and we could be in for another day of exciting races.

Wednesday's two victories by Luna Rossa and, especially, Desafío Español put more spice into the semifinals and will certainly make today's matches more interesting. Will the Spanish be able to double their victories? Will James Spithil be able to deal another blow to Chris Dickson in the prestart and put one foot on the finals?

The former will not be very easy for Karol Jablonski but the Spanish cre clearly demonstrated their skills and the fact that if the kiwis give them the opportunity or commit an error, they will immediately grab it. The latter can be much easier. James Spithill seems to be better in the prestart than Dickson and the recent tweeks on ITA-94 have added speed upwind.

Whatever the case, racing will be close!

Today, the order of the two matches rotates once again as do the entry sides in the prestart box. The first match, starting at 3pm, will be Emirates Team NZ against Desafío Español, while Luna Rossa and BMW Oracle will face each other 10 minutes later, at 3:10pm.

Weather forecast
The forecast couldn't be any better today. Event organizers expect another sea breeze day. It's going to be warm and dry but with some high cloud cover. A weak low pressure drives southerly gradient breeze which helps to boost sea breeze. Wind is expected to start at 5-6 knots east south east and increase to 12-14 while backs to south east as sea breeze develops. Maximum temperature could reach 26 degrees.