Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Louis Vuitton Cup - Semifinals - Day 7: Preview - Match Point 2

Update 12:30pm: Dyer Jones, the America's Cup regatta director, just decided to cancel all racing for Tuesday. Later this afternoon, check our interesting interview of Grant Simmer, Alinghi's managing director.

Good morning from cloudy, rainy and extremely windy Valencia. It's another match point day in the Louis Vuitton Cup semifinals but, unfortunately once again, the weather is not on our side. As we are writing this (11:30 am) the race has been postponed ashore. Wind is blowing at close to 15-20 knots but the main problem are the waves!!! Even inside the Port America's Cup it's not as calm as usual and if boats had to be towed out right now they wouldn't even make it out of the canal.

If racing takes place, Desafío Español will try to capitalize on Sunday's win against Emirates Team NZ and continue their excellent performance in the Louis Vuitton Cup semifinals. Obviously, it will not be easy but one shouldn't forget that this semifinal goes on, against conventional wisdom, when the other one, facing Luna Rossa and BMW Oracle, finished much earlier than expected.

Luna Rossa are relaxing today, at least their sailors. Both their boats are inside the shed, behind closed doors, probably undergoing further modifications and improvements. The Italians must further improve in order to face the kiwis in the finals.

Last but not least, we had the opportunity to visit the Alinghi base and talk to the men of the Defender in order to learn their view on the Louis Vuitton Cup semifinals. Grant Simmer, Alinghi's managing director, gave a very interesting interview and I'll publish it today if there is no racing or tomorrow morning if there is.



At 4:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo aux Italiens qui ont fait un superbe travail. J'étais à Valence durant le week-end passé et j'ai eu un immense plaisir à les suivre. J'espère qu'ils seront finalistes contre Alinghi, afin que la coupe reste en Europe!

At 8:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anch'io ero a Valencia. Per la verità ci sono andata con la certezza di assistere alla vittoria d Luna Rossa. A dispetto di voci che davano ITA 94 non all'altezza di altre barche. Non nego che la rapidità del successo di Luna Rossa abbia sorprso anche me. Il che mi rende oltre modo felice.


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