Thursday, May 03, 2007

Mascalzone Capitalia found in breach, match against Desafío Español to be resailed

According to the official America's Cup website, Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia Team has been found in breach of the America’s Cup Class Rule during its win over Desafío Español 2007.

In its findings the Jury stated it is satisfied that the breach had no significant effect on the outcome on the match. Notice of Race 14.2 allows the Jury to impose a penalty other than disqualification in such circumstances. The Jury considers that the most equitable arrangement is to re-sail the match and impose a fine of 10 000 euros. Arrangements for the re-sail will be made with the Regatta Director and will be included in the written decision to be published on Friday.

Always according to the official America's Cup website, Mascalzone Latino-Capitalia Team acknowledged using the backstays in the manner described by Desafío Español and the Measurement Committee advised the Jury that they had determined ACC Rule 44.1 had been broken.

In effect, the Italian team had the backstays stowed alongside the mast for much of the two upwind legs, to avoid drag, but set them up before the final run, to provide more support to the topmast.

It seems that our photo sequence confirms the last sentence. While no backstays were apparent in the start of the race and the rounding of the leeward gate, the crew on ITA-99 set them up in the last downwind leg, or at least, they could be seen when the yacht approached the finish line.


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