Friday, June 29, 2007

America's Cup Match - Day 5: Preview

Good morning from sunny Valencia. It seems summer is back and we can enjoy a nice sea breeze day. In addition, we might even have a double whammy, since the easterly sea breeze will be combined with a southerly gradient wind. If this holds true and we do get the expected 14 knots at 3pm, the consensus here in Valencia calls for an "Alignhi" day. That means under these stronger and stabler conditions, SUI-100, the Defender's all new racing yacht is bound to better perform than NZL-92, her kiwi opponent.

As we wrote yesterday, the America's Cup Match is back to normal after the Jury dismissed the protest from Emirates Team NZ (scroll down to read the details of the story). The Jury still hasn't made public the details of its decision and as a result we obviously can't comment any further. Still, one can only wonder how the measurer aboard SUI-100 allowed an Alinghi crew member to climb on top the mast. Even if all was carried out according to the rules, and according to the Jury that was the case, it is obvious his decision would open the door to all kinds of doubts!!!

In any case, this America's Cup Match is already in the history books as the closest one ever. We hope it keeps its excitement in the following races and look forward to seeing the strongest team win on the race course and not the Jury room.

acm_bmwPreviewThese journalists and photographers are not waiting for Michael Douglas to come out of his hotel in Valencia. They were standing in front of the ACM offices at 3pm yesterday, waiting for the announcement of the jury decision. Photo courtesy of the BMW Oracle Blog

ClearPoint weather overview
The ClearPoint weather forecast this morning predicts around 13.5 knots from the south east, direction 130 degrees. This is always the forecast for the winds at 3pm in the approximate area of the starting line.

ClearPoint satellite overview of the Iberian peninsula at 9am Valencia Time. It's a bright, sunny, summer day.

ClearPoint wind forecast for 3pm in Valencia at 1km resolution, calculated at 9am Valencia Time. The model is currently predicting around 13.5 knots, direction 130 degrees

Weather forecast by the America's Cup organizers
Weak low pressure remains over central Spain, producing light southerly gradient breeze. Sea breeze develops through afternoon, starting southeast 9-12 knots and building 14-18 knots towards the end of the race. Mainly clear skies – Temperature 29 degrees

Alinghi's public weather forecast
South-easterly sea breeze 12-14 Knots, T max 28°

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