Tuesday, July 03, 2007

America's Cup Match - Day 8: Preview - Match Point for Alinghi

Good morning from sunny and warm Valencia. We are at match point again and Alinghi is one race away from defending the 32nd America's Cup, although one should never count Emirate Team NZ out, we certainly don't. According to the weather forecasts we will enjoy a beautiful summer day with good sea breeze building up to 14 knots. Both the Alinghi and ACM forecasts coincide in the fact wind direction will change during the day so it might turn out to be a day for tacticians.

Once again, the interest of the press here in Valencia seems to be focused on the future rather than the present. As we wrote, it appears to be certain the a Spanish team will be the Challenger of Record, if Alinghi win of course. Undoubtedly, all cameras will be focused on "Vava", Ernesto Bertarelli's private yacht. If today again representatives from the current Desafío Español appear on the yacht's deck then it would be certain it is a done deal.

In any case, whatever happens today and if the winds allow it, the 32nd America's Cup will be over on Thursday, one way or the other. There will be no reserve days and races will take place every day.

Weather forecast by the America's Cup organizers
High pressure to northeast east of Valencia and unstable conditions inland maintain good sea breeze prospects, albeit slightly lighter than originally forecast. Sea breeze starts south southeasterly 10-12 knots early in the afternoon then builds to 12-14 knots and backs to southeast. Broken high cloud and hotter – Temperature 32 degrees

Alinghi's public weather forecast
South-southeasterly 10-12 knots increasing at 14:00 to 14-16 knots and shifting south-easterly before returning to south-southeasterly in late afternoon. T. max 30°

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