Monday, August 06, 2007

33nd America’s Cup: German campaign signs up

[Source: United Internet Team Germany] Black-Red-Gold will again sail in the 33nd America’s Cup. Head of Syndicate Michael Scheeren has announced the anew participation of United Internet Team Germany in the battle for the world’s most wanted sports trophy. With this announcement the German National colours will be represented in the 156-years old history of the America’s Cup for the second time.

"This is great – great for Germany and great for the sailing sport", Rolf Bähr, President of the German Sailing Association, displays his enthusiasm. "The sport has already made many new friends in the past America’s Cup", says Bähr. This is also Michael Scheeren’s opinion: "With the first German campaign we have taken responsibilities for the German sailing sport. We want to fulfill these obligations also in the future."

The United Internet Team Germany relies on their past experiences and on Karol Jablonski. With the already announced commitment of the new skipper of the United Internet Team Germany, new signs are set. The pole with the German passport has had unexpected success with the Spanish team Desafío Español which he led right into the semi final. 44-years old Jablonski is proud "to sail for the United Internet Team Germany – Germany is the country where I had most of my sailing successes".

Nothing is left to chance in the next campaign. Due to the early entry there is now more time for preparing the big challenge professional. "We will seize the time to show up at the starting line with the best-possible team and an excellent boat", Scheeren promises.

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At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Manolete said...

With more and more teams accepting the protocol I doubt wether it should be reviewed or not.

Do you think that the teams challenging are accepting the protocol as it is now, ergo, validating it?

At 9:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think there is an important distinction between the new, marginal teams that have accepted and the strong, seasoned teams that have not. It appears that the new, marginal are willing to play by any rules, no matter how unfair.
And the comments I have seen elsewhere that cheating and "home court advantage" have been part of the America's Cup for a long time and, therefore, should be accepted as part of the Cup are incredibly unethical and shortsighted. Past wrongs cannot justify current ones - in sailing or anything else. Past wrongs are good lessons to get it right this time!


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