Tuesday, August 07, 2007

VLC35 One Design Class under construction at Muller Yachts in Valencia

[Source: Muller Yachts] Finally a new One Design Class from a proven design team.

Built by Muller Yachts – a new yard in Valencia – the VLC35 shows her form at the tooling production stage.

Naval Architecture and VPP analysis by Naval Architects NautaTec - aka Manolo Ruiz Elvira - one of the key ingredients of the Alinghi Americas Cup design success story – indicate upwind performance in excess of larger production yachts such as the Beneteau 40 .7 whilst not skimping on cruising amenities such as six berths and a huge chart table. A bulbed centreboard sliding keel makes shallow draft mooring and trailering an option.

The numbers are:

DSPL 3000kg.
LOA 10.60 m (35 Feet)
BEAM 2.95m
DRAFT 3m (Keel Fully Deployed)
DRAFT 1.8m (Keel Raised)
BULB 500 kg

FEA modelling will produce an optimised PVC foam composite structure utilising Vinylester Matrix and Unidirectional Fibres by way of critically loaded structures. To ensure build variables such as nett composites weight , global bending stiffness and cured resin to fibre ratios are tightly controlled all components will be nett moulded via resin infusion in accordance with ISO 12215 and European directives for styrene emissions control.

The sailplan boasts a square head mainsail with minimal overlap genoa on a Carbon rig with swept spreaders and bend control via headstay tensioner. For Assymetricals a retractable bowsprit extends 2.8m from the stem.

If all of the above sounds good we haven’t neglected performance on the day the wind doesn’t blow. A unique lifting four bladed prop and drive will get you back to the dock at eleven knots!

Designed entirely for the new sailing generation who demand racing performance and quality at a competitive price we will present the boat at selected European boatshows this Winter for a 2008 sailing debut.


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