Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mean Machine & Rolf Vroljik get back together to design the new TP52

[Source: Mean Machine] The new Mean Machine TP52 will be designed at Rolf Vrojlik’s studio, and building is due to start at the beginning of autumn.

The close relationship between Dutchmen De Ridder and Vrojlik goes back to 1986 when the esteemed designer created the first Mean Machine, a One-Tonner.

7 Mean Machines have come from the Rolf Vrolijk hand: In 1986, 1989 and 1990 there were three One-Tonners; in 1995 he brought an ILC46 to life, as well as an ILC30 and 40 in 1997, and then in 2006 the Mean Machine TP52 appeared on the scene and took the prestigious 2006 Breitling MedCup Circuit title.

For the design of the new 52 – footer each of the Mean Machine crew members has played an important and active part in creating the boat. Arranged in groups focusing on the different areas of the design, the team have been working closely with Vrojlik’s studio.

Peter de Ridder, founder of the Mean Machine family: “Basically almost the whole team is involved in the design, with emphasis on different areas: Hull lines, appendages, rig, deck layout and systems. At the end of the day, when all the ideas, coming from the team, are sorted it’s Reido, Dirk, Ray, Tom and myself communicating with Rolf and Dirk Kramers”.

Despite the fact that the “Old Lady” (as Peter affectionately refers to the boat), still has a lot of fight left in her, the Mean Machine team has always prided itself on striving for perfection through skilled teamwork.

Peter de Ridder is very excited about the news: “We’ve really been thinking this through. The whole team has been working on this for months, and we’ve been learning a lot from the new boats we’ve seen in 2007. Indeed the Old Lady is still in a reasonable good shape, but there’s no doubt that the new boats, and especially the 2007 Judel/Vrolijk ones are quicker upwind”

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