Wednesday, October 03, 2007

ACM to reassess the feasibility of the America's Cup in Valencia in 2009

[Source: America's Cup Management] As a consequence of the uncertainty and the delays arising from the Golden Gate Yacht Club Law suit in New York, AC Management (ACM) is concerned that the feasibility of organising the next America's Cup in Valencia in 2009 has been effectively compromised.

ACM will in the coming days engage in consultations with the Defender, the Challenger of Record, the Competitors and the Spanish Authorities on this specific matter.

ACM is considering all options, including the possibility of postponing the event to a later date.

In the meantime, ACM understands that SNG continues to try to find a resolution of the dispute pending with Golden Gate Yacht Club in New York.



At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Brian said...

Frankly, I see this is all about politics.
At this point there is an issue at the America's Cup Consorcio where Valencia´s Local Government, Valencia's Regional Government and Spain's National Government are involved: the dispute is about who will be the Chairman, how shares will be distributed and, above all, how many Millions will each part assume for both paying ACM and investing in planned infrastructures.
For instance, by the end of the month all Port America's Cup team bases will "return" to the Consorcio's property (as agreed during 32nd AC). And ACM still doesn't see any movement for the upcoming event in 2009: no payments have been made yet, no official protocol with the Consorciohas been signed and, unfortunately, things do not seem to be speeding up (Local and Regional Governments are ruled by the conservatives and National Government by socialists).
I believe this is a well-measured strategy of ACM for ringing the bells and shaking Consorcio's executives.
As if ACM was saying "Show me the money!"
By the way, Pierre, great blog!

At 1:57 PM, Blogger Joaquín said...

I think the best date por the event is 2011. More than 2009. Really is not so far and with the new class the teams need the right time to prepare. In 2009 is difficult the event will be better than 2007.

Joaquín Guzmán

At 4:15 PM, Blogger Luis said...

Difficult no, Impossible!

Less than 2 years for design, build and develope a new/unknown boat?? I think it's too difficult, in these conditios, celebrate a really competitive and exciting America's Cup.

Also, for Valencia is better a 4-years-Regatta, with Acts and more. Better than 2-years, without a doubt.

Sorry for my english.

PD: Pierre, remember you have to send me a photo from last thursday ;)


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