Friday, October 19, 2007

Canarias Puerto Calero leads GP42 Trofeo Puerto Calero after penalty on Quum

The opening day of the VI Trofeo César Manrique Puerto Calero couldn't be better for the local team that bears the same name, as they are leading the event, 2 points ahead of second Movistar. Nevertheless, the headline tells half the story from the first three races in the Spanish island of Lanzarote. Quum Marketing had an excellent performance with 2 victories and a second place but a disqualification at the second race cost them dearly and sent them back to third place.

In the day’s first race, and with the Spanish GP42 championship at stake, the duel between Canarias Puerto Calero and Jan Santana’s Zurich could swing either way. The Canarian team, with the best knowledge of local conditions, managed to lead from the beginning while Zurich decided to sail closer to shore. That tactical decision cost them dearly as Quum and Movistar were able to overtake them, finishing second and third respectively. Santana’s boat crossed the finish line fourth.

The second race was upset by a protest. Quum had an excellent start and kept its leadership till the finish line. Zurich was unable to threaten them and finished second. The locals, Canarias Puerto Calero, finished third and Movistar fourth. Immediately after the end of the race, Canarias Puerto Calero and Zurich filed a protest against Qumm for touching one of the buoys. The jury found Quum in breach of the rules and disqualified them.

Quum continued unabated in the day’s final race and won, again by leading from the start, followed by Movistar that had its best performance in the opening day of the event. Canarias Puerto Calero and Zurich finished 3rd and 4th respectively.

Provisional standings after 3 races
1. Canarias Puerto Calero, 6 points, (1+2+3)
2. Movistar, 8 points, (3+3+2)
3. Quum Marketing, 9 points, (2+6+1)
4. Zurich, 9 points, (4+1+4)
5. Total Boats, 14 points, (5+4+5)

First day of GP42 Trofeo Puerto Calero. Puerto Calero, 19 OCtober 2007. Photo copyright Nico Martinez

First day of GP42 Trofeo Puerto Calero. Puerto Calero, 19 OCtober 2007. Photo copyright Nico Martinez



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