Tuesday, November 20, 2007

ACM welcome new Challengers for the 33rd America's Cup

[Source: America's Cup Management] Two additional yacht clubs have presented the Société Nautique de Genève (SNG) with their challenge for the 33rd America's Cup, bringing the current number of Challengers eager to face the Swiss Defender Alinghi, in Valencia, to seven.

One of the new Challengers accepted by AC Management is the newly created Spanish team Ayre, representing Real Club Náutico de Denia. Syndicate head Pedro Perelló expressed his pleasure and commitment: "Following on from the successes of the 32nd America's Cup we decided that we want to be part of this event. We believe that the 33rd edition is going to provide yet more fantastic moments and now just hope that we can get on with the competition."

In addition to Ayre's entry, there is one other new team whose challenge has already been confirmed, but who has requested confidentiality pending its own announcement. In fact, the number of entered Challengers for the 33rd America's Cup could increase over the coming days, as there are two more teams who have started filing the necessary registering documents with the event organiser.

Other positive news for the organisation and the teams of the 33rd America's Cup came from the Spanish Ministry of Economy, confirming that the Spanish Senate has approved a number of financial measures that were committed in the Host City Venue Agreement, such as tax benefits and social security exemptions.

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