Thursday, November 15, 2007

First 4 boats of Barcelona World Race pass Gibraltar

[Source: Barcelona World Race] The first four boats have passed through the Estrella Damm scoring gate at Gibraltar this morning, with the next four now squeezed up, close together, as they compress to pop through the narrow Strait.

A mere 15 miles is between Veolia Environnement in fifth and Hugo Boss in eighth place. Veolia and Mutua Madrileña have now passed through the gate, with Delta Dore and Hugo Boss next up.

Ahead of them PRB and Paprec-Virbac 2 are playing their great game in the Atlantic, with race leader PRB further south, but PV 2 making a gain on this last poll to sit just 7 miles in arrears.

Meanwhile, still well back in the fleet is Educación sin appears as if Servanne Escoffier and Albert Bargués have at least one more night in the Med.

Where to go? North, south or west?

Some different strategy being employed by the leaders now in the Atlantic with PRB taking a more direct route towards the Canary Islands and Paprec-Virbac 2 staying further north initially. This accounts for the 19 mile lead PRB has been able to ramp up since entering the Atlantic just behind P-V2.

With Temenos II now through the gate, the squeeze is really on...the next four boats are separated by just 16 miles with Veolia Environnement leading the charge. Delta Dore, which fell down the rankings overnight, isn't too happy about it: "What a dreadful night!" was the reaction from Sidney Gavignet this morning. WWe weren’t able to get ourselves out of the calms that were caused by the low pressure system and were drawn to the attractions of the coast. It is a long way round and we are going to lose out quite a bit now before we can get back into the race..."



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