Friday, November 23, 2007

TV New Zealand reports on the postponment of the 33rd America's Cup

Once again, Martin Tasker, yachting correspondent for TV New Zealand, does an excellent job in giving the view of the New Zealanders on the recent developments in Valencia.

There is a number of interesting points that come out of the report. First of all, as Dean Barker states, it is "absolutely not right" that Emirates Team New Zealand will close shop after yesterday's announcement. According to Barker the team is intact, although Grant Dalton, the team's general manager, and the directors face now the difficult task of finding ways to stretch a two-year budget into three or four years.

As a result, contracts will have to be reviewed, not only for the New Zealand challenger, but also for Alinghi, as Hamish Ross, the Defender's general counsel, states. Not only that, but Ross goes on to state that "Ernesto is footing the bill. The buck stops with Ernesto."

Finally, as Tasker reports from the Emirates Team New Zealand base, given the fact all teams realize the next America' Cup will take place in the new AC90 boats, the kiwi challenger is putting a "huge" effort on design. While its sailor contracts are put into a "sleep mode" the design team has trebled in size!

Video copyright TV New Zealand

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At 10:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done to bring us TVNZ, they follow the America´s Cup like nobody else in the world. Too bad we can´t get them on satellite.
Anyway, who is going to pay for this catamaran race? Bertarelli? Or is this just going another for the Swiss to cash in? Bertarelli hardly put a foot in Serono and now he has turned the America´s Cup into his private business. No sponsors for Alinghi during the cat farse, please...


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