Monday, December 31, 2007

Alinghi's motion for Reargument/Reconsideration to be heard January 4th

CORRECTION, 1 January 2008: We would like to apologize for the information provided but we have to rectify and state that there will be NO oral argument before Justice Cahn this Friday. In fact the judge won't even be personally present in New York. January 4th is the date the clerk distributes the papers (Alinghi's and BMW Oracle's) regarding Motion 5 presented by Alinghi (Reargument/Reconsideration of the case).

BMW Oracle's deadline for presenting their reply papers to the motion is tomorrow, 2 January 2008. The next hearing is indeed on the 14th of January, as previously announced.

Being New Year's eve it was impossible to verify all the facts about the email we received from the NY Supreme Court. The information is correct, our interpretation of it was wrong. It finally seems that you have to be a lawyer in order to follow the 33rd America's Cup.

It seems the lawyers in New York will not let us celebrate New Year in peace and tranquility. A mere 4 hours before the turn of the year here in Valencia we were informed that Alinghi's motion for Reargument/Reconsideration of the case will be heard before Justice Cahn, next Friday, January 4th.

Happy new year!!

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