Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dee Caffari's Aviva arrives dismasted in La Coruña

At 21.37 Spanish time on Friday, Dee Caffari and her dismasted Open 60 Aviva arrived at La Coruna port, ending an ordeal in the Bay of Biscay that had lasted over 60 hours. Caffari, who lost her mast on Wednesday morning, had spent the last 28 hours hand-steering her 60 foot yacht whilst being towed by Spanish tug boat, Ibaizabal Uno.

An exhausted and extremely relieved Caffari was met by the Aviva Ocean Racing campaign manager, Harry Spedding, who provided her with a welcomed embrace on the dockside. The team will now ensure that Aviva is safely moored in the port this evening. Caffari and her team will fly home this weekend in time for Christmas.

Dee Caffari's Aviva dismasted off the Spanish coast. Photo copyright Aviva Ocean Racing

Dee Caffari's Aviva safe and sound in La Coruña's port. Photo copyright Aviva Ocean Racing

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