Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Desafío Español worried about the delays in the America's Cup

[Source: Desafío Español] It is with great concern that the Desafío Español views the current situation regarding the America's Cup. The delay in making decisions about the format and dates for an event in which teams can participate other than the Defender and the new Challenger of Record is alarming.

Without wishing to point the finger or apportion blame anywhere precious, time is being lost. With this loss of time comes undue uncertainty, which is dramatically affecting all teams, their families and sponsors, saying nothing of the image of the event as a whole.

Desafío Español implores both parties to use common sense and basic sportsmanship to resolve this conflict now. Put aside personal agendas and think of a greater good.

The Defender and the Challenger of Record must assume their respective responsibilities within the America's Cup community, including the potential challengers of the 33rd America's Cup and all other parties involved. They must find an exit to this conflict that will allow the finalisation of a schedule for the competition.

The lack of certainty today and into the future is only of both parties' making. The damage that is being willfully done can only be blamed on them both. Maintaining today's situation into the future is a serious irresponsibility which they may have to assume.

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At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Brian said...


On November 22nd, Alinghi and BWM Oracle blaimed each other for disrupting negotiations. They both knew the Court's decision was going to be published at any moment.

At that precise moment Desafío Español had an incredible opportunity for ending up with the case: they could have break their agreement with the CNEV and, therefore, force them to withdraw as CoR. That would have ended with the court case.

Instead, they rather declared (November 28th) they were "disappointed" by the judge's decision and they "had to study it for eventually appealing".

Two week laters, we have this desperate press release.

And we shouldn't forget it is THEIR club that put the Cup where it is today.

This is a game for grown-ups, fellows!

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At 11:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although reading between the lines, this shows Desafio and therefore CNEV agreeing to the court decision and accepting BMWOR as the C.O.R.

At 12:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do agree with you but I have to say, I do like what the Spanish have written as everything they have said is what goes around in our heads everyday!

Please please let this be solved. many of us will be out of jobs very soon as our team/s have to make really tough decisions whether to keep going of not.

What has the last 8 years of my husbands AC Career meant. All that HARD work for nothing? The long hours, big shift to Valencia, blah blah blah. What about the people that are upto their 4,5,6+ cup. What a way to end their career if it all turns to custard. So many people will be in the crap it isn't funny.

This is really disgusting that back when Alinghi and Team NZ were about to line up, Dalton said that he would look at making the ACup nationality teams. Ernesto said in reply 'if he does that, Dalton will be putting many of his friends out of a job'. What are you doing now Ernesto. You are about to put 1000's of people out of work because you are not actively solving this problem.

I am sick of reading what everyone is reporting, I, like everyone else, would like to hear BEFORE CHRISTMAS - What the hell is going on!

This whole thing sucks and I want this conflict to end just as much as everyone.

At 3:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are they cribbing about?Desafio Espanol, themselves have been a party to this sorry saga. It has taken them so long to discover their true friend Ernesto. They should have known long ago that this guy Ernesto can never be a friend of anyone but himself. If he does not has his way, he would cause destruction. AC community is lucky to have Larry amongst them to take on someone like Ernesto. Have patience,the game has just begun.

At 2:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long , how long must we all wait whilst this egotistical game continues. Sure we understand everyone has their own personal agendas',where us , the soldiers of this so to speak ,, rich mans sport , must wait around and have ups and downs whilst us and our families are all praying that it will be sorted so that we can get back to work once again. It is true, without the rich men that run these programs and head the teams, we would not have these jobs , but do you think they remeber or even care, that without us ,,, where would they be .Hey Ernesto , well done mate on winning the cup , but right now you arent much better than the group of maoris' that stole it and squashed it in NZ years ago.You are destroying it.Larry and Russell have given you perfectly good solutions and options,just take it while the offers are still on the table .
Swallow your pride and get the show on the road and give us and our families our lives back.PLEASE


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