Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Larry Ellison sends Ernesto Bertarelli letter asking for his decision

Larry Ellison: "Ernesto, are we going to have a challenger selection series and an America's Cup in Valencia in 2009? Please give us your answer".

It appears Larry Ellison shares, to some degree, Ernesto Bertarelli's idea of making changes to the Deed of Gift, but he is adamant in his view that any discussions on that matter should not delay the 33rd America's Cup.

Although he sees "nothing wrong with discussing potential changes to the Deed of Gift", his uncompromising position is for a conventional America's Cup raced on the AC90's here in Valencia in 2009, something also desired by the majority of the officially accepted challengers. This is the reason why he asks Bertarelli for a swift decision.

This website has avoided taking any sides during the 33rd America's Cup so far but it seems to us that BMW Oracle's position is at least guaranteeing certainty for the future. It's either a catamaran race in 2008 and then a conventional event here in Valencia in 2011 or a conventional event here in 2009 and then up the new defender to decide. Either way current and potential teams know the dates and venues and can decide on their future.

Ernesto Bertarelli's view on a "modern" America's Cup is certainly appealing but the timing is not appropriate.

Click on the image to read the letter Larry Ellison sent Ernesto Bertarelli earlier on Tuesday.

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At 9:12 PM, Anonymous Alan said...

To me, Ernesto Bertarelli has already decided to go for the cat race, he is now just running around putting smoke everywhere trying to take some time and focus off Larry Ellison. How low can you get Ernesto!

At 2:08 PM, Blogger folkenbolt said...

I agree with alan. At least in the multihull's challenge , Bertarelli can keep all the money he gets from selling the rights of the challenge to the world's media. Alinghi is probably going to lose such a challenge with a trimaran helmed by Russell Coutts, but Bertarelli is not concerned about it. He just wants to collect as much money as possible from his campaign in the America's Cup world, before leaving it forever and than dedicate his attention to some other profitable business in sports or other economic sector.

At 10:03 AM, Blogger Sacha P said...

I think the choice has been made :

See here



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