Thursday, January 24, 2008

America's Cup: NY court case "factbox" 23 January 2008

For the convenience of our readers we publish today a brief "factbox" with the documents that were presented during or before yesterday's hearing in the New York Supreme Court before Justice Cahn. All these documents concern Alinghi's motion against Justic Cahn's decision, on the grounds that the certificate of the challenging boat presented by GGYC is not valid. According to Alinghi, in brief, BMW Oracle states it will challenge with a keel yacht but its dimensions correspond to a multihull. Always according to Alinghi, a keel yacht and multihull are two incompatible notions.

We first present Alinghi's documents, since they presented the motion that puts in question the validity of GGYC's challenge. Valencia Sailing makes no claim whatsoever that the list is exhaustive nor does it endorse any of these documents.

The Defender, in addition to the normally expected affirmations and counter arguments to GGYC's documents or claims, presented a letter from Jerome Pels, secretary general of the ISAF. In his letter, Pels gave his interpretation of the definition of keel yachts and multihulls. According to Alinghi, "SNG’s submissions will be supported by the interpretation from the International Sailing Federation which was presented to the court".

BMW Oracle
In our opinion, the most important document the Americans presented was the affirmation of their lawyer Gina Petrocelli. In that very long document (104 pages!!!), Petrocelli argues against Alinghi's claims and presents a long list of exhibits to corroborate her arguments. In our view, the most interesting part are the 12 photos of various multihull yachts with keels (as Petrocelli claims). Since these photos were taken off various websites then printed and scanned they are of extremely bad quality in the PDF document. As a result, we reproduce the entire list of all 12 links to the original photos.

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At 8:16 PM, Blogger folkenbolt said...

Looking at the pictures of multihull yachts with keels, i wonder what sort of boat have in their minds Larry Ellison's designers!
If Justice Cahn rejects Alinghi's last appeal to the NY Court, it would be a very hard enigma to solve for the Swiss Team!
In such a situation , for Bertarelli another opposition to judge's decision would certainly be inevitable!
The only things he has at the moment are two second-hand catamarans and without any keel!

At 8:16 AM, Anonymous Maral said...

Look at that pictures! I cannot imagine such racing yachts...
Dear BMWO, those keels (not ballasted...) are for making the hull rest on the GROUND!!! not for sailing nor helping to counteract sails force...

Perhaps Alinghi can buy some of those weekend "racers" to train. hahaha

Best Regards for Pierre, Good job man!

At 5:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's surely a joke that GGYC have to research and produce photos of boats like this to back up their case. Admit it - you made a mistake, GGYC is on the back foot now - swallow your pride and move on..


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