Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Update from Alinghi: Judge Cahn considers SNG’s arguments on invalidity of GGYC challenge

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- ISAF Letter

[Source: Alinghi] (New York, 23 January 2008) New York State Supreme Court Justice Herman Cahn heard arguments today over whether the Golden Gate Yacht Club has put forth a valid Deed of Gift challenge for the 33rd America’s Cup to its current holder, the Société Nautique de Genève and its team Alinghi.

“We were glad to make our points and found the Court receptive to our arguments,” said Lucien Masmejan, lead counsel for the SNG. “We look forward to a court order properly addressing the issue of the validity of the GGYC challenge.”

Justice Cahn allowed the SNG to further examine arguments put by the GGYC and invited SNG to present additional submissions on Monday on these issues, including on the definition of a keelyacht versus a multihull. SNG’s submissions will be supported by the interpretation from the International Sailing Federation which was presented to the court (in attachment).

A result in SNG’s favour would put the 33rd America’s Cup back on track with a multi-challenge event in 2011 in Valencia, Spain. As Defender of the America’s Cup, the Deed of Gift gives Alinghi and SNG, as trustee, the serious responsibility of preserving the integrity of this world class sporting event.

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At 12:35 AM, Anonymous Ernie el cantamañanas said...

"This is in contrast to monohulls which may use a ballasted keel for this purpose, especially on larger sailboats. Multihulls usually have no ballasted keels".

Is this the best you can do Ernesto? Your stupidy is making you guys blind. You deserve to lose if you are not able to see that there is nothing in this document that is going to help your side.

Good luck, Chuck!
By the way, I have a New York bridge on sale that will help Alinghi's case. Do you wanna buyit?

At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alinghi has included an interview with their lawyer plus 4 documents more in PDF.
Perhaps you'd like to update your copy and remove the 2 previous ones.
It's here:

At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pierre, le memo ISAF concernant les definitions "keel yacht" est afligeant, il est incroyable de voir écrit par l'autorité mondiale de la voile la phrase suivante "Monohulls are weight stabilised by keeping their center of gravity well below their center of buoyancy" alors que la plupart des voiliers ont leur centre de gravité au dessus du centre de carene ... Cette meconnaissance sur les principes d'archimede et de stabilité ote tout crédit au reste de ce memo fort mal etayé. amicalement, daniel andrieu

At 11:07 AM, Blogger folkenbolt said...

Here we go again!
This just the beginning of the 2nd round of the legal match between this two un-sailors!
I guess that appeals against any Justice Cahn's decision , coming from both parts, will snow for months!
Prepare yourselves for a long cold winter , my friends!


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