Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Alinghi and BMW Oracle to meet on Wednesday in Geneva

A week after Justice Cahn's final settlement order and a handful of letters back and forth, Alinghi and BMW Oracle will at last meet face to face in order to resolve the, hopefully, final pending issue, that is the date of the 33rd America's Cup match between the two teams.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday at 11am at SNG's facilities in Geneva. According to our information, Alinghi will be represented by Lucien Masmejan, lawyer and board member of the team, and Fred Meyer, vice-Commodore of the SNG and head of the club's America's Cup Committee. At the other side of the table, sitting for the Challenger of Record will be Russell Coutts, CEO and skipper, and Tom Ehman, head of external affairs.

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