Monday, March 17, 2008

The new Mean Machine TP52 is heading to Europe

[Source: Mean Machine] Nerves, excitement and lots of extra-special care to the 'cotton-wool' extreme have been the order of the day at the Salthouse shipyard in New Zealand as the build- team prepared for the departure of the brand new Mean Machine TP 52.

Friday 15th March will go down in Mean Machine history as the day the new Rolf Vrojlik designed TP 52, number 22 in Peter de Ridder’s Mean Machine family, left the shipbuilder's in special transport, bound for Auckland's famous port.

The brand new Mean Machine left the shipyard wrapped to within an inch of it's life, in order to protect the vessel on its passage to Europe. The mast and other equipment essential for the upcoming European season, as well as a container were also loaded onto the cargo ship, alongside the new hull.

The brand new Mean Machine TP52 yacht leaves the boatyard. Auckland, 17 March 2008. Photo copyright Mean Machine

With the new TP 52 safely loaded aboard the cargo ship taking her from the Antipodes to Europe, now the time has come for the shore crew to make their way to Belgium, where the ship is due to unload. Mean Machine will then head in mid-April to Valencia (Spain) by means of special road transport.

Five months of hard work have come togther now to deliver a brand new Mean Machine, ready to take part in what's set to be the toughest TP 52 season yet, with the Audi MedCup and the TP 52 Global Championships in Puerto Calero (the Canary Islands, Spain) ahead.

This season Peter de Ridder and his Mean Machine team will be looking to take back their MedCup title from 2006 and to improve on the third place gained at the TP 52 Global Championships last year.

The brand new Mean Machine TP52 embarks on a trip to Europe. Auckland, 17 March 2008. Photo copyright Mean Machine

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