Sunday, April 13, 2008

Franck Cammas comments on BMW Oracle - Part II

Franck Cammas, the famous French mutlihull specialist, published a second video commenting on the training sessions he carried out together with BMW Oracle aboard his trimaran Groupama 2. This time the French sailor talks about his general impressions after the conclusion of BMW Oracle's training. James Spithill, the American team's helmsman, also makes a brief appearance and sounds enthusiastic about the yachts and the prospect of an America's Cup match raced with them (what else could he obviously say??).

For your convenience we publish in English the transcripts of Franck Cammas' two short comments.

BMW Oracle Racing Team aboard Groupama 2 / Uploaded by franckcammas

Franck Cammas (time frame 00:18 to 01:05): We had great weather, we never had any technical problem, we were able to go out and return whenever we wanted, we had lots of luck on that issue. We also rotated a lot on the boat which allowed the maximum number of people from BMW Oracle to discover it, be it sailors, technicians, sailmakers, they all discovered this kind of boat. As a result, everybody will now be better able to understand the problems we can encounter on these boats. After that, under easy conditions, 10-15 knots, we started working more on performance, tacking, starts. We still have things to learn, there is still work to do but everybody is delighted to have discovered these boats, to have sailed on such enthusiastic machines.

Franck Cammas (time frame 01:25 to 01:48): It's a fact they don't have a lot of time to learn this type of yacht, to be performing, so they obviously have to use their sailing hours to the maximum, especially given the fact there isn't anything similar in 60ft. These are the boats closest to what we'll see in the next America's Cup match. This type of sailing sessions should be repeated.

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