Monday, April 14, 2008

GGYC: Defender plan to appeal is regrettable

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[Source: Golden Gate Yacht Club] Valencia, Spain, 14 April 2008: The Golden Gate Yacht Club (GGYC) said today that further legal attempts by the defender to delay the next America’s Cup Deed of Gift match are regrettable and the club will be doing everything it can to ensure the event remains on track.

“Buried within the legal language of this press release it appears clear that the defender is unsatisfied with Justice Cahn’s decisions and now intends to file an appeal,” Tom Ehman, the club’s spokesman said today responding to a press statement issued by the defender who have filed further papers with the New York State Supreme Court.

“This appears to contradict any number of assurances given by Alinghi officials and lawyers that they would not appeal.

“Unfortunately it is also consistent with their preference from day one to do anything to avoid a boat race.

“From the outset the defender appears to have only wanted to race in a competition that is held entirely on its own terms. But we remain committed to the Cup proceeding in 2008 in accordance with the rules that apply to all teams. We will be doing everything we can to quickly move this process forward. “

Ehman said it was clear that Justice Cahn’s decisions had been widely confirmed as well reasoned and the club remained confident his decisions would be upheld in any appeal process now launched by the defender.

It was unfortunate the defender had chosen to wait to lodge this appeal as a decision from Justice Cahn setting the date for the next match was expected any day.

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