Friday, May 23, 2008

GGYC and SNG appellate briefs

It was the turn of GGYC (Golden Gate Yacht Club) to present their appellate brief on Thursday. It was of course in reply to SNG's (Société Nautique de Genève) own brief, dated May 15th, in turn a reply to GGYC's initial brief to the appellate court on May 9th.

I usually refrain from making any judgments to these documents since I have no legal expertise whatsoever, especially in matters of the NY commercial law, "nada" as the Spanish say. These documents are presented here for your own convenience.

Related PDF Documents
- GGYC Appellate Brief, dated 22 May 2008

- SNG Appellate Brief, dated 15 May 2008

- GGYC Appellate Brief, dated 09 May 2008

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