Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adam Minoprio aiming at semis after day 2 of ACI Match in Croatia

Hello from BlackMatch on day two of the ACI Match in Croatia,

With another stunning day here in Split, racing was delayed for two hours before the sea breeze slowly filled in. When racing finally went ahead conditions were absolutely perfect for match racing, however this was short lived and the race committee could only get away the remaining match of the first round robin and 3 matches of the second round robin before the wind faded away to nothing.

We faltered early in the day with a loss against Torvar Mirsky in a fierce race, but we remain in the hunt for that elusive top 4 spot to proceed through to the semi finals after we found our straps and won the next 3 races in a row. One of our wins today came against match racing legend Betrand Pace who is showing excellent form here, this was a very big scalp and a comprehensive victory after Adam nailed the start and we lead the entire race while the French team threw everything at us.

We feel we are starting to find some form here in Croatia and hope that a couple of hiccups early on will not come back to haunt us. Tomorrow we will be finishing off the second round robin and we are all looking forward to the challenge of taking a few more big scalps and hopefully progressing through.

We would again like to say a special thank you to our sponsors: FedEx Express and Ross Munro from Line 7, their ongoing support is helping make this opportunity possible for the BlackMatch boys. To the RNZYS and everyone else, thank you for your support.



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