Sunday, November 09, 2008

Brad Butterworth talks about everything

Good morning from Valencia on the third and final day of the 2nd Desafío Trophy.

An hour ago Alinghi held an informal meeting with the press where Brad Butterworth, the team's skipper, talked about past, present and future of the America's Cup.

Here's the raw MP3 file from the talk. Our report and comments will be posted after the end of racing, probably late in the afternoon. The weather forecast is great for tourists but not for sailors. We have blue, sunny skies but hardly any breeze. Local experts don't expect more than 4-5 knots in the afternoon and with the 3:30pm time limit we'll be lucky if we have one race.

You can listen to the entire 30-minute talk using our standard MP3 player. [Note: If you have problems listening to the audio file, you can download it here]

MP3 file of Brad Butterworth's talk with the journalist

Alinghi's trio that conveyed the Defender's message to the media. From left, Juan Vila (navigator), Brad Butterworth (skipper) and Francesco Rapetti (mastman). Valencia, 9 November 2008. Photo copyright Pierre Orphanidis / Valencia Sailing

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Can anyone please help me with finding the "our standard MP3 player"

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Found it´ Thanks


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