Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Delta Dore abandons Vendée Globe

[Source: Vendée Globe] Jérémie Beyou, the skipper of DELTA DORE, has informed the Race Directors of his decision to retire from the race, believing it is impossible to carry out repairs without external help.

Beyou was fairly sure that this would be the only possible outcome ever since Delta Dore suffered damage to its starboard side spreaders, but needed to reach land in order to check over the rigging thoroughly before making the decision.

When Delta Dore reached the Brazilian port of Recife early this morning, Beyou was able to identify five separate problems with the rig, including broken titanium spreader attachments that he cannot repair or retool. In addition, two carbon spreaders are broken, the PBO standing rigging on the starboard side has been damaged by the impact from the spreaders, two shrouds are out of action, the starboard runner is severely damaged, and the carbon mast tube is also partly delaminating having been hit by the spreaders. The damage is so severe he has no option but to retire from the race.

Elsewhere in the fleet there has been little change at the 1000hrs (GMT) updates, leader Loick Peyron holding Seb Josse off by 17.1 miles.

Mike Golding has gained some ground in sixth, with Ecover now 8.6 miles behind fifth placed Vincent Riou on PRB.

Michel Desjoyeaux (Foncia) is currently the fastest boat on the course, advancing on Sam Davies (Roxy). Safran is also keeping the pressure on, pulling over 50 miles ahead of Brian Thompson on Bahrain Team Pindar.



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