Thursday, November 06, 2008

Italia Challenge Interview

[Source: Italia Challenge] Ten questions to Vasco Vascotto and Franceso Bruni, heads of the newly-formed Italia Challenge

1. What’s the name of your team?

2. Why did you chose that name?
"It’s a name that certainly gives us a strong sense of responsibility but we actually chose it because we believe unconditionally in the potential of Italian sailing".

3.What yacht club do you represent?
"The Circolo Canottieri Roggero di Lauria, in Palermo".

4. How is the team organized?
"On the technical-sporting side, Vasco Vascotto is skipper and Francesco Bruni is helm. Italia Challenge, a consortium, was set up a short while ago to provide the organization and administration. Details of the technical, sporting and organizational structures will be illustrated in a press conference to be called in the coming weeks at the Circolo Canottieri Roggero di Lauria, in Palermo".

5. What’s your budget?
"To take part in the Auckland Series (LVPS) it’s around half a million euros".

6. When did you decide to register for the LVPS?
"The opportunity arose only very recently, at the beginning of October".

7. What’s your objective in taking part in the LVPS?
"A team that’s just come into being has to learn everything, like a baby. This is our case".

8. What will happen to the team after the LVPS?
"Team Italia was formed in order to participate in the Auckland series. Only after that will we carefully analyze the sporting results and consider prospects".

9. Heading your team are two yachtsmen coming from two other Italian teams that took part in the America’s Cup, which will in turn be participating in the LVPS. Are they your main adversaries?
"We see Luna Rossa and Mascalzone Latino as two model teams in terms of winning the public’s affection but they’re certainly not the main adversaries to beat".

10. Who are the yachtsmen in the team and how were they chosen?
"One of our objectives is to put together a completely Italian team. This is the direction we’re working in, even though the time left before the Series (in February 2009) makes this a very arduous task. For the moment we can say that the team will certainly include, in various roles, Gabrio Zandonà, Alberto Bolzan, Michele Paoletti..."



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