Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just one crew change for Team Russia

[Source: Team Russia] Just one crew change for Team Russia has been announced for Leg 2 of the Volvo Ocean Race. Owner Oleg Zherebtsov (RUS) is on board for his first Volvo leg, as Kosatka begins its race to Cochin, India on Saturday 15 November. Boat captain Nick Bubb (UK) has taken up Guillermo Altadill’s position of watch leader on the boat.

Team Russia’s line up for Leg 2 is as follows:

Andreas Hanakamp, (AUT) Skipper
Wouter Verbraak, (NED) Navigator
Stig Westergaard, (DEN) Watch leader
Nick Bubb, (GBR) Watch leader and boat captain
Mike Joubert, (RSA) Bowman
Oleg Zherebtsov, (RUS) Bowman #2 and pit
Ben Costello, (NZL) trimmer
Rodion Luka, (UKR) trimmer
Jeremy Elliott, (IRL) trimmer
Camron Wills (RSA) grinder
Mark Covell, (GBR) Media crew

The second leg of the Volvo Ocean Race follows a new route, taking the VO70’s back across the Equator on a 4,450 nautical mile journey to Cochin, India. The fleet is due to arrive on 3 December.

Team Russia's temporary base in Cape Town is battered by heavy rain and winds. Cape Town, 12 November 2008. Photo copyright Team Russia

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