Sunday, November 16, 2008

Loïck Peyron holds 12-mile lead over Seb Josse at Cape Verde

[Source: Vendée Globe] As Loïck Peyron points his bow pretty much directly at the island of Sao Nicolau this evening, preparing to pass between the Cape Verde Islands, he has seen a small gain by the hard driving Seb Josse (BT).

Race leader Peyron had just 36 miles to run to pass the biggest of the northern ‘windward’ group of islands.

The highest mountain on Sao Nicolau, Monte Gordo, rises nearly 1320m high to Gitana’s leeward as they pass, with Josse tracking now about 12 miles to the east of Peyron and Jean Le Cam still about 18 miles out to his east and slightly astern.

Le Cam has held station on Peyron at just over 38 miles, Josse is heading more directly south, while VM Materiaux and Gitana Eighty are now both headed slightly west of south.

The 100 mile deficit line has now moved up the pack to capture Jean-Pierre Dick. Out in the west last night Dick was 40.8 miles behind Peyron. He leads the western pack which is now, in lateral terms, is about 75 miles out to the west of the track taken by Le Cam.

Vincent Riou (PRB) has gained on Dick, almost 20 miles over the latter part of the day, and is now just eight miles behind in fifth.

Day 7 of the Vendée Globe. Near the Cape Verde Islands, 16 November 2008. Video copyright Vendée Globe

The fortunes of the British Open 60 sailors remain mixed. Mike Golding is hanging in in 10th, losing four miles on that sched to his nearest rival Beyou on Delta Dore.

Brian Thompson’s bid to regain lost miles moving west sees him make nearly 50 miles west in his last 150 miles sailed, but his speed appears sporadic on Bahrain Team Pindar, but he trails Golding by 130 miles.

Reason for quiet satisfaction aboard Artemis this evening as Jonny Malbon drives into the second week of the Vendée Globe having just eased past Steve White on Toe in the Water. Malbon is now 17th, and will be spurred by having Dee Caffari now 34 miles in front.

And the balance has swung in the favour of Rich Wilson, back to 19th again on the Great American III, reclaiming it from his Basque rival Unai Basurko.

Bernard Stamm is getting into the brisker breezes now and is one knot quicker than Mich Desj on this ranking, making over 12 knots aboard Cheminées Poujoulat. Making painful progress has been Derek Hatfield on Algmimouss Spirit of Canada, who has averaged 5.5 knots in light winds down the coast of North Portugal.



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