Sunday, December 21, 2008

Australian Navy lends Vendée Globe a hand

The Australian Navy lent the Vendée Globe a valuable hand these past couple of days. It took HMAS Arunta frigate almost two days to reach 34-year-old Yann Elies on his 60-foot yacht, which was about 900 nautical miles south of Perth on Australia's west coast. The frigate reached him on Saturday and two crew members transferred Elies to the HMAS Arunta from his Generali yacht.

The Australian Navy's contribution didn't stop there though. After rescuing Eliès, HMAS Arunta supplied Mike Golding with additional fuel, meat and some fresh bread. Golding is aboard his dismasted Ecover 3, on his way to Australia.

Australian Navy's HMAS Arunta drops supplies to dismasted Ecover. 20 December 2008. Video copyright Vendée Globe

Yann Elies waves to sailors on the starboard waist of HMAS Arunta as the ship's RHIB pulls alongside preparing to transfer him to the ship for evacuation. 20 December 2008. Photo copyright Australian Navy

HMAS Arunta stays in position off of Generali during the evolution, transferring the casaulty from his yacht to the ship. 20 December 2008. Photo copyright Australian Navy

The boats crew on HMAS Arunta's RHIB assist medical personnel onboard Generali as they help the injured French yachtsman Yann Elies in to the RHIB on a stretcher. 20 December 2008. Photo copyright Australian Navy



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