Thursday, December 18, 2008

Carbon Challenge not to continue with participation in the 33rd AC

[Source: Team Carbon Challenge] Team Carbon Challenge, which submitted a challenge for the 33rd America’s Cup on December 14th 2007 through the Royal Belgium Sailing Club (RBSC), has today decided not to continue with participation in the 33rd America’s Cup.

This decision was taken in agreement with the RBSC after evaluation of the latest legal developments regarding the 33rd America’s Cup.

Instead of investing further in maintaining a position as a challenger for several more months in uncertainty about whether the 33rd America’s Cup will be organized as a multi-challenger event or sailed in a “Deed of Gift” format, the Carbon Challenge board has decided to fully focus its efforts on developing its climate change management training academy and surrounding activities. Carbon Challenge hopes to remain active in the America’s Cup community and will, through not-for-profit foundation Carbon Challenge Academy, continue to offer its expertise and resources to the America’s Cup family in its pursuit of sustainability-related goals.

At the time of lodging its challenge, Carbon Challenge was not in total agreement with the wording of certain clauses in the protocol originally put forward by by SNG and CNEV, but was never in any doubt as to the sincerity of the defender’s commitment to a fair event. Carbon Challenge feels that all disputes about the protocol and other regulations for the 33rd America’s Cup can be resolved through constructive discussions among sports teams. Participation in the recent competitors’ meetings has proven that to be possible. In these meetings, both SNG and CNEV have demonstrated their earnest resolve to agree to protocol changes that put beyond any doubt that their intention is to provide an event of high quality in which the best sports team will win.

Carbon Challenge’s withdrawal is a direct consequence of GGYC’s decision to continue its legal actions which have placed the 33rd America’s Cup on hold for almost 18 months.

Carbon Challenge sincerely hopes that the America’s Cup will be back on the water soon as a multi-challenger regatta to avoid further damage to the world’s oldest international sports trophy and most prestigious sailing regatta.

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