Monday, January 19, 2009

AUDI and Prada join forces in Luna Rossa

[Source: AUDI AG] Two strong brands are now joining forces in pooling their creative resources: in respect of design, innovation and tradition, Audi and Prada both occupy a pioneering role in their respective industries. The two companies now aim to combine these strengths in joint projects in the areas of sport and culture, for which they will adopt a new approach.

The first occasion where the two brands will be joining forces is a sporting event in February 2009. The jointly sponsored yacht “Luna Rossa” will be taking part in the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series, with the mainsail and team uniform displaying the Audi and Prada brand logos. The common message is that beneath the aesthetically attractive, dynamic exterior of a yacht, there lies state-of-the-art technology, and only choice materials are used. The products of Prada and Audi reflect such standards in equal measure – both brands are the embodiment of exclusive materials and craftsmanship. This is the start of a series of projects in the field of sport and cultural sponsorship.

Audi and Prada concur that whether in the world of fashion or cars, luxury stems from good design and superlative standards of quality. Both companies use only materials of the highest calibre in their products, often tailored to the individual requirements of the customer. Both brands are able to look back on a lengthy tradition, while repeatedly demonstrating their prowess as progressive trendsetters. Against this backdrop, the two companies are planning to work together this year: “Audi and Prada are strong brands. We aim to pool these strengths and build up a long-term partnership,” explained Peter Schwarzenbauer, AUDI AG Board of Management Member for Marketing and Sales. “We hope that this partnership will result in top-class projects.”

The new AUDI-Prada Luna Rossa train for the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series. Valencia, 18 January 2009. Photo copyright Pierre Orphanidis / Valencia Sailing

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At 1:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is kind of odd to see Audi joining forces with the Luna Rossa Challenge when they already signed a sponsorship agreement with the United Internet Team Germany, which dates back to September 23th, 2007, and they were going to have Jochen Schümann as skipper.

According to the Team Germany website, the team were going to have United Internet AG and AUDI AG as main sponsors, along with Porsche Consulting as technology partner.

So it is odd to see now Audi AG to sign as sponsor of Luna Rossa, but, if BMW ORACLE wins at the NY Supreme Court, maybe all end up being just a few good intentions along the way.

Best regards,

At 4:28 PM, Anonymous Norberto the real sailor said...

Its precisely the kind of problem that has been created by the bone heads at BMWO. While they are holding up the AC, and putting everybody into limbo, sponsors are canceling their participation, change alliances, and dramatically reduce budgets.

The result is teams without financing, sailors without a job, and fans without races.

Well, Mr. Ellison will find out for himself. He has lost to date over 6 Billion due to the American crisis, and BMW will announce that they are withdrawing support for his team. Nice going, Larry!


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