Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pierre Anoine Morvan and Ian Ainslie qualify for Marseille International Match Racing

[Source: World Match Racing Tour] The event organizers of the Y’s CUP, an international Match Racing competition grade 3 confirmed their worries when weather conditions typical to the South of France at this time of year persisted at the end of the week… North-Westerly winds known as “LE MISTRAL” were as strong as 35 knots on Sunday morning and lasted throughout the day, not permitting the competition to continue.

“Saturday 20 knots, big waves, and cold… but good Match Racing conditions and with world class athletes we were able to complete 7 flights, from 10 am until 6 pm where the organizing committee and skippers gave it their all, said event organiser Dimitri Deurelle.

The Round Robin wasn’t completed but with 7 flights out of 9 the committee was able to establish a general ranking list. First place went to Pierre Antoine Morvan, second to Ian Ainslie, who now both qualify for the 7th edition of the MIMR, Marseille International Match Racing Grade 0 and the 1st event in the World Tour. Third place goes to Damien Iehl, fourth to Philippe Presti, fifth to Bertrand Pace sixth to Alvahro Marinho, seventh to Eric Monin, eighth to Franck Cammas. (Jure Orel was absent for administrative reasons.)

“This year hasn’t been very good weather wise for us so far but we are counting on a change for the MIMR from March 10 - 15. Last year weather conditions were ideal 10 to 20 knots of South Easterly winds…perfect for Match Racing” commented Dimitri Deurelle.



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Come on Vaencia sailing. Where are the results of the LVPS.


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