Sunday, March 22, 2009

Groupama 3 sailing along the northern African coast

[Source: Franck Cammas - Groupama 3] Groupama 3 is continuing her course towards Istanbul. Last night and for a large part of the morning the crew has had to battle against a capricious wind.

Groupama 3 trackingFollow the Groupama 3 route during her training
Despite these conditions Franck Cammas, contacted early this Sunday afternoon, appeared satisfied to be sailing aboard his maxi trimaran once more: "Everything's going very well aboard. Groupama 3 is behaving well in all the points of sail we encounter. In addition I am surrounded by experienced sailors who seem happy to be here! So when the guys are happy, I am too!

Right now we are to the north of the African coast. We had to perform a series of tacks throughout the night, though this morning the wind had dropped right off and the engine had to be started once again!"

The trimaran of the insurer-banker Groupama has since touched a bit of downwind conditions, which will allow her to slip along at speed as far as Greece: "The wind is even set to build this evening off Sicily. However, although this N'ly wind is pushing us along nicely, it's also making temperatures less balmy!! It's freezing!!" concludes Franck laughing.

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At 1:21 AM, Anonymous Alessandro Bertin said...

Dear Pierre,
please note that in the list of next America's Cup Teams ther is not Argo Challenge (, one of the official challengers. The Team is based in Torino, the Team Manager is Paolo Scutellaro and the skipper is Lars Grael. We'd appreciate if you could include our Team in your list as soon as possible.
Thank you

Alessandro Bertin
Head of Press Office
Argo Challenge


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