Monday, March 30, 2009

Telefonica Blue seeks redress for incident in Qingdao

[Source: Volvo Ocean Race] On Sunday night, Telefonica Blue submitted a request for redress, claiming their finishing position in Leg 5 was adversely affected through no fault of their own.

From the claim to the Jury: "...The Race Committee and/or Organising Authority made an improper action or omission by locating the start line and 2nd passing mark of the course (mark d) in an area where at least 1 uncharted shallow area existed.

Related PDF DocumentTelefonica Blue's Request for Redress
"Telefonica Azul (Blue) hit one such uncharted shallows that was 0.23 nm from the start mark (and 2nd passing mark) of the course, prior to the start of Leg 5."

The team goes on to claim that the port in Qingdao didn't have adequate depth "to allow Telefonica Azul back into the harbour," resulting in a delay before they could begin repairs.

The request for redress states all of this had a direct impact on their position at the New Zealand scoring gate and at the finish of the leg.

The International Jury arrives in Rio de Janeiro later this week. A hearing will be scheduled where the Jury will determine what - if any - redress the Telefonica Blue team is entitled to receive.

Shore Crew look at the damge to Telefonica Blue's keel in Qingdao after hitting an uncharted rock outside Qingdao Harbour prior to the start of leg 5. Qingdao, 14 February 2009. Photo copyright Rick Tomlinson/Volvo Ocean Race

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