Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Groupama 3 safely into port in Athens

[Source: Franck Cammas - Groupama] It has taken the maxi trimaran 36 hours to cover the 350 miles separating Istanbul from Athens.

Suffice to say that the fastest sailing boat in the world, which has previously covered 794 miles in 24 hours, made Greece in light winds, occasionally using the engine to make good headway towards its destination.

"We did have a few peaks of speed at over 30 knots" admits Frédéric Le Peutrec, who went on to say: "With there only being eight of us aboard, everyone participated in the manoeuvres ; including Catherine Pottier (journalist with France Info)".

Skirting the coast, a particular high point for the crew of Groupama 3 was the opportunity to admire Poseidon's temple, before discovering the port of Piraeus last night.

As such the crew have 48 hours to recuperate as well as perform some maintenance on Groupama 3, prior to playing host to employees and guests of Groupama Phoenix from Friday onwards.

Groupama 3 docked in Piraeus. 1 April 2009. Photo copyright Groupama

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