Thursday, April 02, 2009

Meanwhile in San Diego... it's business as usual

With the court decision in their favor, one would have expected fireworks in the BMW Oracle compound in San Diego. Yet, as our friend Goli reports, doubling as our on-the-spot man, everything is very calm, there is very little activity visible from outside and it's all business as usual. They held a meeting at 11am (local time) in order to announce the court decision but then went on with their tasks. No champagne bottles were opened, at least in public.

The monster trimaran is inside the shed and people wearing their work uniforms go in and out, working on their secret modifications. It appears that they all concern the hull since the two masts are still outside and it seems no modifications were carried out on the bigger one. The smaller one is still under wraps, just like it has been for the last 6 months.

Most of the sailing team has already left San Diego and according to information we have, they will start training next week on their Extreme 40 yachts, here in Valencia, together with Groupama and Gitana Team.

The temporary BMW Oracle base in San Diego. 2 April 2009. Photo copyright Goli

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