Sunday, May 24, 2009

Alvaro Marinho wins Match Race Cup in Hard, Austria

[Source: Match Race Hard] Light conditions prevent the completion of semifinals. Decision after only one semi final race

Mads Ebler (Denmark), Alvaro Marinho (Portugal), Ian Ainslie (South Africa) and Eric Monnin (Switzerland) had qualified for the semi finals with 9, 8,8,7 wins in 11 matches respectively.

In the first match Ebler got a lead over Marinho from the start. On the second leg the Danish were given a penalty. Through the race Mads Ebler kept the lead, but he could never get away far enough to get rid of the penalty. So Alvaro Marinho crossed the line first.

The second match started with a double penalty for Monnin. While doing 360ies, he got another penalty. So Ainslie could sail to the finish without bothering much about his Swiss opponent.

Then the wind stopped. The four teams and the spectators in Hard waited for hours, but there was no change in the wind situation. So at 4 racing was cancelled and the price giving ceremony saw a surprising winner. Marinho, who had beat Ainslie in a direct match in round robin, was the overall winner, Ainslie came second. Mads Ebler, the winner of round robin, was ranked third, Eric Monnin became fourth.

Alvaro Marinho wins Match Race Cup in very light conditions. Hard, 24 May 2009. Photo copyright Match Race Gard


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A strange end to the match races with only one semi final race, but Congratulations to Alvaro Marinho!


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