Friday, June 19, 2009

GP42 Global Cup 2009 to be held in Puerto Calero

The first ever "GP42 Global Cup" will take place between the 13th and 17th of October

[Source: Puerto Calero] The GP42 Class, World Sailing Management and Puerto Calero have confirmed that the first ever edition of the "GP42 Global Cup" will be held next fall on the waters of Club de Mar de Puerto Calero, Lanzarote, assembling the world's best teams in the class.

The "GP42 Global Cup Puerto Calero" will take place between the 13th and 17th of October 2009, consisting of one training and 4 racing days. This event will the consolidation of the international footprint the class has in 2009 and will serve in order to put a brilliant closing to this clearly international class' participation in the AUDI MedCup circuit.

The Club de Mar de Puerto Calero already organized in 2008 the last TP52 World Championship, was the training camp of Volvo Ocean Race winners Ericsson Racing Team as well as the venue of a number of RC44 Championship Tour events. The "GP42 Global Cup Puerto Calero" is just another proof of its involvement with top-level sailing events.

Daniel Calero, Manager of Club de Mar Puerto Calero, commented in Marseille: "We are very happy to hold this global championship for the first time ever. In Puerto Calero we have always believed in the future and we are convinced this class has a bright one. We have been in this class since the very beginning with a boat and a regatta in its circuit and the culmination now is this trophy. The fact this year the GP42's form part of the AUDI MedCup circuit has been a determining factor for the growth of the class and gave it more power and presence. I'm convinced that next year there will be more projects, thanks to all that".

The first ever GP42 Global Cup will be held in Puerto Calero. Photo copyright Nico Martinez

Paolo Massarini, GP42 Director, stated: “First of all I would like to thank Daniel Calero and his team for forming part of the GP42 circuit since its beginning. The decision to join the AUDI MedCup has had a very positive result and we are all happy with the current situation of the class. Daniel grabbed the opportunity the class offered and has done all he could so that the GP42 fleet could be back in Puerto Calero in 2009. I'm very enthustiastic with the decision to hold the "GP42 Global Cup" in Lanzarote and I believe we'll have a great even, better than ever. The GP42 Class and World Sailing Management will work together with the organization in order to hold a successful maiden GP42 Global Cup Puerto Calero".

Ignacio Triay, Director of World Sailing Management, was also enthusiastic with the deal reached with the GP42 Class and Puerto Calero: "I'm convinced the GP42 is, among the world's top sailing classes, the one with the brightest future. It only needed to compete in events that were on a par with its level. I believe that in 2009, thanks to its participation in the AUDI MedCup circuit and the first "Global Championship", this class will have its definite takeoff. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Calero family for their enthusiasm and unconditional support that make that such events, not only are possible, but also guaranteed to be successful".

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