Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swiss Television: Alinghi and BMW Oracle to meet in "next few days"

Note: When contacted by Valencia Sailing, GGYC's spokesman, Tom Ehman, declined to comment.

It seems there is an inverse relationship between the number of days left until the launch of Alinghi's giant multihull and the number of articles related to the America's Cup appearing in the Swiss media. The closer we get to the alleged launch date the more prolific Swiss journalists get.

A new report by the French-speaking Swiss Television blipped on our screen today, referring to a meeting between Alinghi and BMW Oracle some time in the very near future, "maximum two weeks", according to an unnamed source the author has.

Always according to the journalist, two issues will be discussed, the rules and date of the 33rd America's Cup, although he/she then adds another issue, the possibility of opening the event to other challenges. According to the report, although the date has been set for next February, it might be postponed, "fulfilling the wish of the defender". We don't know where the author gets that from.

There is one thing all Swiss reports seem to agree upon. The two monster multihulls, "in all likelihood" will not race in Valencia. It would be interesting to know to what extent all these articles are using Alinghi PR.

Here is the report by the French-speaking Swiss Television:

It never ends. Alinghi and Oracle are expected to meet around a table to discuss once again the America's Cup. Topics to discuss: the rules and date of competition.

Alinghi and Oracle will meet around a table "within two weeks" to try to find a solution to the conflict that has been plaguing America's Cup for two years. The of New York judges ordered the mediation process the same time they to challenge the U.S. in the dispute between the Defender from Geneva.

The date of the first meeting has not yet been set, but "it will take place in the next few days, maximum within two weeks", said a source close to the case. Discussions will focus not only on the date of the match between Alinghi and Oracle - set in February 2010 but maybe postponed, thus fulfilling the wish of the defender - but also on the possibility of opening the competition to other challenges.

The venue of the competition, which will in all likelihood not be Valencia, should be known around the 7th or 8th of August.

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10th February 2010. That's all


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