Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Telefonica Blue resume racing and are en route to Stockholm.

[Source: Volvo Ocean Race] The team informed the Volvo Ocean Race duty officers they were continuing their leg at 19:16 GMT. On Sunday, Telefonica Blue ran hard around shortly after the start of the race, and found themselves stuck on a rock just outside Marstrand.

It took great effort to free the boat and an even bigger push by the shore crew to repair the damage, as media crew member Gabriele Olivo reports this evening:

"Back on the water.

"After just two and a half days after the hit the rock, we are finally back on the water. The repair has been completed in an extraordinary short time and the shore crew did a fantastic job. There are not enough words or beers that we can buy to compensate the efforts that they made. Thanks guys.

"And thanks to the Ericsson Racing Team for letting us use their work container, it has been very handy. Thanks to the people that have been helping us, thanks to the lady that works in the shop just next to where we hauled the boat for preparing the coffee twice a day and giving it to us as a present... Thank you from all the crew.

"Stockholm here we come."

Telefonica Blue resumes racing and heads to Stockholm. Marstrand, 17 June 2009. Photo copyright Gabriele Olivo / Equipo Telefonica

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