Thursday, July 02, 2009

+39 Challenge ordered by Valencia court to pay debts to employees

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The 32nd America's Cup finished exactly 2 years ago but it seems that it is doomed to be related to legal procedures and courts. We are not referring to the now famous court case in New York but to the Italian challenger +39 Challenge.

The Italian team was continuously struggling to make ends meet throughout the 32nd edition of the world's oldest sports trophy and its performance was seriously undermined by the financial difficulties it met from 2004 to 2007.

It now appears that its problems didn't finish when the curtain was closed two years ago but, unfortunately, went on. A number of employees filed a lawsuit in the Valencian courts demanding the team, to be exact the company Piu 39 Challenge España, paid the salaries it owed them from April until July 2007. After a number of canceled and postponed hearings, Valencia Social Court #4, finally issued its decision on Monday, June 29, ordering Piu 39 Challenge España paid its debts to its former employees with a 10% surcharge. Piu 39 Challenge España has the right to appeal to the Valencia Region Supreme Court.

The decision is a 5-page document you can access (in Spanish) in the top box. Although it's a public document and anyone can read it by visiting Valencia's main courthouse, the names of the demanding parties have been erased due to privacy reasons.

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Justice is served & who these guys bed with in the AC is now confirmed.


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